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Serviceroboter in einer Gastronomie Serviceroboter in einer Gastronomie



Service robots can greet guests at the entrance and help them find their way around. They can provide information about the hotel or restaurant facilities and answer questions.


Taking orders

Service robots can take orders from guests and forward them to the kitchen team or bartender. This increases the speed of order processing and reduces the error rate.


Food & Beverage Delivery

Service robots can bring food and drinks from the kitchen or the bar to the guests. The employees no longer have to constantly run back and forth between the kitchen, bar and tables, which saves time and relieves the staff.


Clearing dishes

After the meal, service robots can automatically take dirty dishes back to the kitchen, to the dishwasher. This relieves the staff of less walking and heavy carrying. There is more time for other tasks.

Pudu Serviceroboter Pudu Serviceroboter

Saving of Costs

Service robots are a cost-effective solution for companies to reduce their operational costs. By automating tasks like cleaning, maintenance, and production, companies can achieve significant savings. Compared to human workers, robots require no breaks, no training, and no salaries. They work around the clock, improving business efficiency and productivity. Investments in service robots can prove to be worthwhile in the long term and lead to sustainable cost reductions.

Optimized Service Quality

Quality of service is a key factor in the success of any business. Service robots can help to optimize them. By using robots, companies can automate their processes, optimize their workflows and better serve their customers. The result: higher efficiency, faster response times and happier customers. Companies that rely on service robots can improve their service quality and stand out from the competition.

Indrease in efficiency

Service robots are revolutionizing the world of work and significantly increasing the efficiency of companies. You can automate manual and repetitive tasks, increase productivity and reduce errors. They are ready for use 24/7 and require no breaks or holidays. Thanks to their high level of accuracy and speed, they can also optimize processes and save time. Service robots are therefore a valuable investment for companies that want to remain competitive.

Improved customer satisfaction

Service robots are the future of customer service. With their ability to perform tasks efficiently and accurately, they can greatly improve customer satisfaction. By deploying service robots in various industries such as retail, hospitality and healthcare, businesses can offer a faster and more personalized experience. Customers can communicate their needs and concerns directly to the robot without having to wait for human interaction. The result is a faster, more efficient, and more satisfying experience. Companies that invest in service robot technology will increase customer retention and build long-term loyalty.

Increased employee satisfaction

Service robots can increase employee satisfaction by taking on repetitive tasks and freeing up time for more important tasks. The robots can also help improve working conditions by lifting heavy loads or performing dangerous tasks. By relieving employees of unpleasant or tiring tasks, they can concentrate on their core competencies and do their jobs more effectively. This leads to higher productivity and reduced stress in the workplace. With service robots, companies can also increase their efficiency and competitiveness while improving the working conditions for their employees.


Bella Bot Robot

Our recommendation for your gastronomy? BellaBot!

Pudu's newest delivery robot, BellaBot, inherits the outstanding characteristics of the previous generation and has superior human-robot interaction capabilities. With an innovative bionic design language, effective shaping, multi-modal interaction and many other new features, BellaBot offers users an unmatched experience with a foodservice delivery robot.

BellaBot at a glance

BellaBot Contact


Bella Bot Robot

Autorobotics.io's PuduBot2 is at the forefront of innovative service and reception robot technology. This multifunctional robot is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a versatile tool for different business sectors. Whether in hotels and pubs or restaurants - the PuduBot2 is the perfect assistant that shows guests the way and acts as a source of information. It can also be used very effectively in canteens, canteens and in the event industry.

More information about PuduBot2

An optional feature of the PuduBot2 is an avatar that acts as a digital partner for communicating with customers and guests. This interactive avatar can answer questions, show the way and communicate in different languages, making the PuduBot2 an international assistant. In addition, the operation of the robot is very easy. Customers and guests can control the PuduBot2 and make their requests via a user-friendly touchscreen display.

In addition, PuduBot2 is an effective marketing tool. The robot can present menus, special offers and event announcements, ideal for restaurateurs and event managers (fairs) who want to make their marketing more efficient. The PuduBot2 is capable of spreading advertising messages, presenting films and media files, making it a future-oriented marketing tool. With the PuduBot2 you are always one step ahead in terms of customer service and marketing.

The PuduBot2 can be converted for different service scenarios.


Bella Bot Robot

The Autorobotics SwiftBot is the ideal partner for supporting staff in restaurants and hotels. The Swiftbot is also an ideal and effective partner in the event and event industry at trade fairs and in public buildings.

The Swiftbot is suitable for the following areas, among others: restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, canteens, supermarkets and wholesale markets, offices, cinemas, hotels and theaters, events, congresses, trade fairs, cruise ships and ferries.

More information about Swiftbot

Thanks to innovative infrared sensors and laser technology (laser slam), the robot moves safely and effectively on the route set by humans. He supports with the distribution of food, the delivery of drinks, and takes over the routes to and from the function rooms. Dirty dishes and dirty laundry can be transported out of the sight of guests through doors that can be opened without contact in restaurants and hotels. The areas of application for the SwiftBot are diverse and go far beyond the hotel and catering industry.

Intelligent control functions, linking to pagers, control with a smartphone are just a few of the features that make the Autorobotics SwifBot a reliable helper.


Bella Bot Robot

The Pudu CC1 is a powerful and versatile cleaning solution for various cleaning scenarios in the hospitality industry in hotels and restaurants. The Autorobotics CC1 sweeps and scrubs, is a robot vacuum and mop at the same time, fills and empties itself automatically at the service station and finds its charging station completely autonomously.

It is also ideal for cleaning floors, company canteens, canteens, cruise ships, ferries …

More information about CC1

The Autorobotics CC1 offers excellent suction power of 17000 PA and has a side brush for efficient edge cleaning. The Pudu CC1 is suitable for various floor types (excluding deep-pile carpets) and has an extendable steering handle for easy handling even in manual mode. The CC1 has an intelligent breakpoint resume cleaning function to continue unfinished tasks and supports visual SLAM and laser SLAM positioning and navigation. The robot has a 15 liter fresh water tank and a 15 liter waste water tank with automatic water supply and drainage. It automatically returns to the workstation to recharge its batteries, providing an efficient and labor-saving cleaning solution for hospitality businesses.


Bella Bot Robot

Autorobotics' Flashbot represents a new dimension in room service. The ultimate solution for hotels and especially budget hotels, this innovative building delivery robot is revolutionizing the way we think about services.

Based on cutting-edge technologies, the Flashbot takes intelligent food and beverage delivery to the next level. It is not only an increase in cost efficiency and productivity for hospitality companies, but also a groundbreaking step towards the future.

More information about Flashbot

The Flashbot provides autonomous control of the elevator, can change floors - an additional module is required, and the modern software of the elevator must be present. This enables safe and reliable delivery directly to the door of your guests. Whether it's an early morning breakfast, a late dinner or a quick snack between meals, the Flashbot is on the job 24/7 to ensure your guests are served at all times of the day and night.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the robots also connect to the local WiFi?

All Autorobotics robots can connect to local WiFi.

Do the robots have a Bluetooth connection?

Yes, all Autorobotics robots can connect to other devices such as audio and stereo devices via Bluetooth and play sound files through the robot's microphones.

What operating system do the robots use?

All Autorobotics robots use the Android operating system.

How do the robots navigate, how do they find their way around?

Autorobitcs robots use a so-called Dual-SLAM solution that uses both Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM positioning to adapt to different tasks and scenarios.

Can multiple robots work at the same time?

Yes, multiple robots of the same or different Autorobotics models can interact and understand each other at the same time to avoid collisions.

Can the robots interact verbally?

Yes, the robots can recognize and interact with speech.

How do robots avoid collisions with people or objects, how is safety guaranteed?

The robots rely on LIDAR sensors, RGBD vision sensors and infrared sensors for comprehensive obstacle avoidance and the highest safety standards.


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